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Meiko is a leading European manufacturer of ware washing and food waste handling equipment to the catering industry. MEIKO is a global brand, with subsidiaries and partners supporting and supplying our products on every continent. From our modern and technically advanced production facilities in Offenburg, Germany, Meiko manufactures the industry's most complete range of warewashing machines, resulting in a sales turnover of more than £350 million world-wide. The Meiko name has been synonymous since 1927 with superb build quality, from small front-loading glass and dishwashers to larger multi-tank and flight conveyor machines. Meiko UK has built a reputation for offering this exceptional equipment, backed up with a total commitment to absolute customer satisfaction through flawless service and the provision of honest information detailing the energy, water and chemical consumption of our equipment. Find out more at:

(0)175 321 5120

Baden House
393 Edinburgh Avenue

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