FEASTATS measures market trends by analysing forward order statistics. Forward order statistics are a proven indicator and provide real-time report of market trends. Once compiled, the report is only shared with fellow contributing companies.

The FEASTATS Scheme is designed to provide participating members with an indication of:

  • the total market size
  • the participants’ market share relevant to those products with which the participant is associated

It is run by participating members purely for the benefit of its members on a confidential basis. The costs are borne by the participants on a non-profit making basis.



What are the benefits of contributing to FEASTATS?

FEASTATS measures market trends based on Forward Order Book data; only indices are published, we do not publish any absolute cash figures. Once compiled the report is shared with fellow contributing companies only.

The aggregation of members’ monthly or quarterly figures provides participants with current month/quarter, previous month/quarter, year to date and moving annual totals of units (sometimes value).



Why sign-up to FEASTATS?

"Engaging with and contributing to FEASTATS means that we have access to valuable data in terms of market trends and volumes as well as our market share position that is essential in our strategic planning. All data is kept completely confidential, you obviously see you own company’s data and the total market position relative to those who contribute. The more suppliers that engage therefore the more accurate the data. I would encourage any FEA members who do not currently submit data to seriously explore the potential benefits of doing so, particularly at this time of such volatility in our industry."
Simon Lohse, Managing Director at Rational UK.



How can my business become part of the scheme?

FEASTATS is a subscription service.

The scheme is administered by a Committee consisting of FEA and members. For administrative purposes the Committee operates under the control of the FEA Secretariat. The FEA Chief Executive is located at Rotherwick House, 3 Thomas More Street, St Katharine's & Wapping, London E1W 1YZ.

The policy and direction of the FEASTATS Scheme is controlled by a representative group of contributors.

Whilst the Committee lays down the Conditions of Membership, the independent Administrator decides whether an applicant is suitable for Membership against the criteria. The final decision on entry to the scheme shall lie with the Committee.  An annual subscription costs £825 + VAT for FEA members. 

All submissions are treated with strict confidence, only the administrator is party to the raw submission data.

To sign-up to the scheme please contact sj.campbell@fea.org.uk



FEASTATS communications

FEASTATS emails are communicated by BEAMA's Head of Statistics, Emmanuel Amoakohene.


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