What is a trade association?

trade association is a body representing organisations within the same trade. The aim is to protect the collective interests of the member organisations, especially in negotiations with governments and trade unions.

We are the Foodservice Equipment Association, a trade association that represents organisations and businsses across fourteen different foodservice equipment product categories within the foodservice and catering equipment industry.

It is our duty to protect our members collective interests, especially in negotiations with governments and trade unions. Our members fall into the following groups:

  • Beverage
  • Cooking and Warming
  • Dealer/Wholesaler/Design
  • End User / Operator Liaison
  • Fabrication / Manufacturing
  • Fats, Oils and Grease
  • Food Waste
  • Light Equipment and Tableware
  • Refrigeration
  • Service Providers and Spare Parts
  • Ventilation and Fire Suppression
  • Warewashing

We also represent a raft of Associate members that support and supply the foodservice equipment industry including HR support, leasing support, sheet metal fabrication and production factories, marketing agencies, PR agencies, sales and leasing companies, providers of financial support, and design agencies.

The true value of membership
"I am sure most of the current members of the FEA would agree that the support received during COVID-19, has been worth every single penny. As a business, it is extremely important to act fast and focus on making informed decisions quickly and decisively.

I truly feel for businesses that have not been in a position to receive this kind of representation and would urge those who have at some point contemplated the idea of joining the FEA, to invest in the support needed to help your business adapt and act with speed, whether to help you save thousands or to make thousands. Being part of the membership will enable you to keep your fingers on the pulse and stay one step ahead."

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How will joining the FEA benefit my company?

With a membership remit that encompasses the full spectrum of foodservice equipment manufacturers and importers, distributors of light and heavy equipment, and service providers we know there's a place for you at the FEA. Below are five ways in which our members benefit from membership.

  • We will actively represent your interests on key industry issues and seek to create a more favourable climate for the foodservice equipment industry in the UK, Europe and globally.
  • The FEA is a leader on sector thinking, standard setting, building proactive policies and developing a long-term strategic plans which incorporate practical solutions and greater transparency. We help identify any emerging issues and develop solutions to problems.
  • As the leading Foodservice Equipment trade association the FEA provides the most effective way of establishing excellent lines of communication between the Government and our sector.
  • The business support our members receive aids business growth and helps them to meet the challenges of today’s industry environment more effectively.
  • Joining a trade association will often enhance a company’s reputation as membership of the industry's leading association is seen as a badge of quality.













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