FEA Buyers Guide 2022

Investing in the right catering equipment can help alleviate some of the challenges that Operators face so it’s important to know what you are buying and the benefits that they offer.

A more energy efficient appliance will cut down on consumption and minimise your carbon footprint. Appliances that offer slow overnight cooking can reduce both energy bills and food costs, for example by allowing you to use cheaper cuts of meat. Some modern equipment, such as combi-steamers will help you maximise yield and minimise shrinkage.

The FEA Buyers Guide features content on Beverage systems, Blenders, Combi Steamers, Fryers, Induction, Microwaves, Prime Cooking, Ranges, Refrigeration, Servicing, Warewashing, Waste Management, and Water Treatment.

We have curated the content aligned to expert foodservice consultant Doug Fryett’s 15 Operator Pains. These include:

  1. Workflow Optimisation
  2. Consistent Food Quality
  3. Food and Flavour Trends
  4. Worker-friendly Environment
  5. Energy Management
  6. Overhead and Cost Reduction
  7. New and Emerging Technology
  8. Customer Service
  9. Waste Management
  10. Food Safety
  11. Worker Productivity
  12. Standards and Regulations
  13. Sustainability
  14. Employee Retention
  15. Rising Food Costs

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