Learning and Development

Certified Food Service Professional is the industry specific professional qualification for the UK foodservice industry.

FEA’s objective is to help improve the levels of professionalism in the sector by creating a universally recognised and respected industry ‘standard’ for knowledge and experience.  CFSP was brought to the UK in 2009 and is open to anyone within the foodservice industry.

To successfully achieve the designation and the benefits that accrue, delegates:

  • study for and pass a comprehensive written test
  • attend a full day seminar prior to the test
  • prove certain levels of experience in the industry
  • show personal development through the completion of recognised education/training programmes
  • demonstrate active involvement in the industry designation
  • receive regular communication from the programme

What Does it Cost?

Your payment of £950+VAT (£600+VAT for FEA & FCSI members) covers the test programme, evaluation of experience and certification.

Once you pass the course, you will receive regular updates and information to recognise your status as a CFSP accredited professional. You can find out more at our dedicated CFSP website.


Principles of Foodservice

Principles of Foodservice is a nine module induction short-course for foodservice industry new starters, it provides delegates with a level of knowledge that aids career progression from the very beginning.

Hosted online and delivered by a CFSP accredited professional, it is a framework course that promotes integration with the applicable business or sector whether manufacturer, distributor, service company, consultancy or operator. Our aim is to make the course as easy for you to deliver as possible and empower your staff with the knowledge they need to develop within their role.

Upon successful completion of the course, delegates receive an industry recognised certificate.

How relevant is the content?

The course covers six key areas of foodservice:

  • Key distribution channels
  • Effective food storage
  • Food hygiene
  • Food preparation
  • Commercial kitchen equipment
  • Kitchen and restaurant layout and design

Delivery is between 2-3 hours depending of the level of discussion.

What are foodservice professionals saying about Principles of Foodservice?

“Principles of Foodservice offers a great insight into the catering industry, especially for someone like myself who wants to broaden their knowledge of the industry.”

“Principles of Foodservice has expanded and reaffirmed my knowledge and understanding certain sectors of the catering industry.”

“Personally, I feel more people throughout all sectors of the industry would benefit from this course. I am new to the industry and this has benefitted me to no end.”

If you would like a member of your team to complete Principles of Foodservice please complete the booking form.

What Does it Cost?

The course is available to FEA members for £135 (+VAT) and £270 (+VAT) for non-members.

For more information regarding Principles of Foodservice please contact Jocelyn Carr.

Project Management Course

Course Overview

This programme is designed to give pragmatic tools which you will be able to implement quickly and effectively to enrich your project management skills.  We consider best practice project management tools and choose which ones might suit different project types.  Then we consider how we communicate this effectively so team members and project executors understand what is expected of them and how their actions impact on the result.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Set clear project goals, outcomes and objectives
  • Identify barriers to implementation
  • Create an implementation team
  • Be clear about expectations and outcomes
  • Communicate the route map effectively
  • Choose from a range of project management tools
  • Practice using these models on live projects
  • Create a diverse project team
  • Communicate the plan effectively

For more information regarding the Project Management course please contact Jocelyn Carr.

Company Ambassador Workshop for Service Teams

What it is: The day builds upon attendees’ experience of customer service and their ability to handle a wide range of client situations with confidence, in turn further developing their organisations’ reputation as excellent service providers.

Our one-day workshop is designed to inspire those in Service Teams, both Service Engineers and support team staff, to highlight the importance of their contribution to the business. The workshop encourages delegates to see themselves as a key player in their company’s continued success.

The day builds upon attendees’ experience of customer service and their ability to handle a wide range of client situations with confidence, in turn further developing their organisations’ reputation as excellent service providers.

The Workshop Covers:
The pivotal role Service Teams play in successful business growth
How their role contributes to achieving a competitive edge
Effectively understanding and responding to client needs
The power of a well-structured service call
Developing stronger and more positive client relationships
Techniques for handling difficult situations
The importance of their role within the organisation

Led by Marcus Bohn Associates, the workshop builds upon the shared experience of those attending; with the outcome of developing an Action Plan for excellent client service. Practical exercises, relevant discussions and group work form a key part of the day.

“Group activities and communication build confidence and together you can learn how to be better with a customer,” Jestic Ltd employee.
Who should attend: Customer facing personnel of service providers.

For more information regarding the Company Ambassador Workshop please contact Jocelyn Carr.

Field Service Management Course
Quality customer service is a vital way in which to differentiate your company’s business, add value, protect your margins and your customer base.

This practical and stimulating course is designed specifically to help Field Service Managers identify those areas where they can enhance customer service, develop their teams and build customer loyalty.

The programme covers three main areas:
1. Establishing aims and objectives for the service function.
2. Leading the service team and maximising the potential of the people in the team.
3. Providing those in the service function with the skills and support needed to achieve continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

The course will cover how to:
Lead and motivate a team of field support staff.
Develop field teams to understand and build their reputation as ambassadors for their organisation.
Prioritise tasks and set challenging objectives for their team.
Measure performance and activities against standards of excellence.
Manage business change successfully.
Develop the skills, knowledge and motivation of their team members through coaching, on-going appraisal and delegation.

Led by Marcus Bohn Associates, the course builds upon the shared experience of those attending. Practical exercises, relevant discussions and group work form a key part of the course.

For more information regarding the Field Service Management Course please contact Jocelyn Carr