Offset your carbon emissions with the FEA Forest initiative. Winner of the Memcom Best Sustainability Initiative and Trade Association Forum Best Practice Award for Sustainability Initiative of the Year.

The FEA and Trees for Cities collaboration provides FEA members with the platform to offset their annual carbon emissions; provide cleaner air for the next generation; reduce noise pollution in inner city areas; and educate children in the importance of nurturing the environment.

Offset your annual business carbon emissions by pledging to the FEA Trees for Cities initiative.

FEA members are now able to pledge their annual offsetting in monthly and quarterly installments.



Why you should take part.

Every year, business activities such as travelling, manufacturing and supplying equipment or simply using a computer releases over 400 million tonnes of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Through this initiative you and your customers can offset your carbon through the FEA Trees for Cities Foodservice Equipment Campaign. Our collective industry support will plant enough trees to make a real difference.

Environmental offsetting through planting trees is a unique, effective and long-term approach to managing the unavoidable environmental impact of your business activities. Through creating woodlands, which naturally remove greenhouse gases like CO2 from the atmosphere, you can achieve your sustainability objectives and manage your environmental footprint whilst making an investment in holistic green infrastructure. Trees for Cities is the only UK charity working on an international scale to plant urban trees and create greener cities. Since 1993, the organisation has engaged over 80,000 volunteers to plant over 1,000,000 urban trees in parks, streets, woodlands, schools, hospitals and housing estates.



How does it work?

To take part in the scheme, FEA members can sign-up for £300 (+VAT). This plants 30 trees and offsets ten tonnes of CO2 over a 100 year lifecycle of a tree. 

We are encouraging members to donate additional trees where possible, and to give you an idea of the scale needed to offset the serious levels of CO2 emissions we have detailed the tonnes to trees ratio:

  • 1 tonne 3 trees
  • 2 tonnes 6 trees
  • 5 tonnes 15 trees
  • 10 tonnes 30 trees
  • 20 tonnes 60 trees
  • 40 tonnes 120 trees
  • 80 tonnes 240 trees
  • 150 tonnes 440 trees
  • 375 tonnes 1120 trees
  • 500 tonnes 1500 trees

For non-members wishing to take part a £500 (+VAT) sign-up fee is required.

Offset your annual carbon footprint by pledging to the FEA Forest.


FEA Planting Days

The planting of trees is seasonal and traditionally takes place from November through to March. If you, your team or clients would like to take part in a corporate tree planting day the cost is £60pp (+VAT) and will take place at various locations across the UK (we will confirm this later in the year). The Planting Days provide a wonderful opportunity to bond, network and get some much needed fresh air. Please note that Planting Days are separate from your Trees for Cities pledge. You will not be planting your own trees as these are spread across various locations throughout the UK. Planting Day places are offered on a first come first served basis and will run on subject to the minimum amount of people attending. Subsequently, if your planting day is oversubscribed you will be notified.


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