Become an FEA Accredited Service Provider

Do you provide service and maintenance within the Foodservice Equipment industry?
FEA member companies that provide service and maintenance for commercial kitchen equipment can apply to become an FEA Accredited Service Provider by completing the form.
Meeting the criteria and flying the your flag alongside the FEA Accredited Service provider boosts your brand repertoire and drives trust amongst customers. All FEA accredited companies and their services are subsequently published on and promoted by the association.
An evaluation of the business against agreed criteria which includes the skills of staff and the service being offered to end users. Companies who achieve the criteria are able to use the FEA Accredited Service Provider brand.

Please complete the form below and supply the required information to support your application.

Applications to the scheme are processed and managed by an independent administrator on behalf of FEA.

Accredited Service Provider Application Form

Membership of FEA
Is your company a FEA member?
NOTE: if NO you will first need to apply for FEA membership via the "Join FEA" menu of our site

Which phrase(s) best describes your company's service?
NOTE: tick all that apply

How many staff does your company directly employ as service engineers?

Define this as a percentage of the total company headcount.

Company Gas Safe Register registration number

Service engineers have the appropriate Gas Safe Register ACS certificates for the work being undertaken?
NOTE: i.e. COMCAT, Natural Gas, LPG, Marine.

Electrical work is undertaken in line with the requirements of the current IEE edition standards?

Can you confirm that your service engineers are able to demonstrate core competency through:
- An evaluation of their number of years competent service as evaluated by the accredited company or by being a qualified electrician.

Do your service engineers understand and adhere to the requirements of the relevant water company?
i.e. Water Regulations (England Wales and Scotland as appropriate)

Are your service engineers qualified with either:
City and Guilds 2078 Refrigerant Handling Certificate

CITB Refrigerant Handling Card

Service engineers are trained in the safe servicing of steam generating equipment.

Does your company provide training of staff in line with the ‘accreditation’ criteria?

Does this include continuous development of staff?

How is this undertaken?
NOTE: tick all that apply

Are your service staff qualified in accordance with current regulations and Health and Safety requirements?

Are you a member of a Safe Contractor Scheme or similar?

If YES, which scheme?

If YES please enter scheme membership number

Repairing of Equipment
Does your company provide warranty on work carried out
- is a minimum of two weeks call back provided on work undertaken to rectify problems.

How is this achieved?

Is parts warranty passed on to the customer as defined by manufacturer/supplier?

Does your company provide its service engineers with purpose equipped vehicles
- including parts and tools with the objective of achieving a high first time fix rate?

Sub Contracted Work
Where work is sub contracted can you demonstrate that this work is undertaken to the minimum criteria in the accreditation:
Does your company provide its service engineers with purpose equipped vehicles
- including parts and tools with the objective of achieving a high first time fix rate?

How is this achieved?

How many years has your company been trading as a service provider?

Does your company provide Insurance cover at these minimum requirements?
Public liability min. £5m

Product liability min. £5m

Indemnity min. £5m

Contract work indemnity min. £1m

If your cover differs from any of the above please provide an explanation to support your application

Disaster Recovery Plans
Are disaster recovery plans in place to manage customer service and are these records accessible in the case of an incident.

Please give evidence of these plans

Planned Preventative Maintenance
Does your company undertake an evaluation of customers equipment and provide a PPM work programme in accordance with manufacturer recommended PPM schedules and current best practice?

Provide evidence that management systems are in place to support control and manage PPM contracts.

Does your company clearly define the PPM schedule with the customer and report the work carried out?

Are your service customers provided with reports which include:
NOTE: tick all that apply

Tick the areas of coverage by your service engineers:

Please enter your full name

Job Title

Company Name

Company Address



By clicking Submit, I certify that service work undertaken by employed staff or sub contractors meets the requirements of the accreditation. The answers to questions provided are open to verification by personnel employed by FEA to evaluate this accreditation in accordance with the FEA Service Providers accreditation as defined by FEA Council. The cost of three hundred and fifty plus VAT covers a two year accreditation period. Subject to acceptance an invoice will be raised by FEA for payment within thirty days. This accreditation will run for two years and is subject to renewal and membership of the Foodservice Equipment Association.