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Founded in Italy in 1990, Unox combines cutting edge technology and stylish designs to deliver innovative solutions that help overcome kitchen challenges. Its range of more than 80 models includes the CHEFTOP range of compact, countertop and ‘Big’ combi ovens, BAKERTOP range of pastry ovens for bakers and the BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro and BAKERLUX SPEED.Pro, the first speed baking oven. It has also developed the revolutionary EVEREO®, which redefines hot-holding to maintain food at serving temperature for days, and MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum pump. UNOX brings a team of 42 engineers focusing on product development along with a global network working with dealers and operators in more than 140 countries. With a focus on sustainability and quality, it manufactures 94% of components in-house, in one of eight state-of-the-art factories in Northern Italy. Product innovations include the CHEFTOP range of combi ovens, packed with features to enhance performance; BAKERLUX SPEED.Pro, combining the benefits of convection and high-speed ovens for consistent and speedy baking; and the EVEREO® hot fridge, which supports kitchen scheduling and gives chefs the opportunity to serve high-quality, hot food in an instant. Unox’s progressive approach operations, with a focus on simplicity and energy saving for users including Data Driven Cooking for enhanced performance, ensures that UNOX ovens are used by leading companies and chefs across the world.


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