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Charvet heavy-duty cooking ranges are renowned around the world for their quality, performance and reliability...ranges that any chef and restaurant would be proud to have in the kitchen. From complete bespoke suites for show kitchens to 'workhorse' heavy-duty kitchen ranges and modular 'quick-install' solutions, whatever the size or shape of your kitchen, and whether you cater to large numbers or to high-end cuisine, Charvet can plan your range and cooking options around you and your specific needs. "Even with lesser build quality competition, we are price competitive," says Wayne Cuomo, Charvet UK, MD. "Charvet is a very practical capital investment for the long term. The sheer cooking power and reliability of our equipment are what you expect from a top brand name and the ease of service and maintenance - thanks to the chassis-based design - make life easier for the chef and the service engineer, which makes the on-cost of owning a Charvet, very cost-efficient. "The expertise and experience of the Charvet UK team is also second to none, helping chefs, catering colleges, hotels and restaurateurs achieve the best-value and most ergonomic kitchen facilities." The 'extra value' which we deliver makes Charvet a 'MUST HAVE' option for the equipment shortlist. CHARVET ANNOUNCES PRO 800 'EVOLUTION' - New for 2021: - • Pro 800 Six Burner Range with a choice of large oven, open base or bridge unit. • There are new Pro 800 660 mm X 580 mm Smooth Griddles and Smooth and Chrome Plancha in gas and electric. • Charvet has also launched new Pro 800 110 litre gas or electric boiling pans in direct heated and water jacketed versions. • There is also a new Pro 800 Multizone Induction – replicating the traditional solid top – launching with a GN2/1 oven under. "The PRO 800 is evolving to changing surroundings and new style menus. While there is pressure from smaller kitchen footprints, there is also demand for even more productivity,” says Ian Clow, UK Sales Director. ADD COLOUR TO YOUR CHOICE OF SUITE "Kitchens are increasingly 'on show' to the public and Charvet's Premium Finish – a palette of ready-made colours – means chefs can economically and tastefully colour their range to suit the decor or logo. Or choose a bespoke colour. Charvet has its own enamel factory and can match pretty much any colour you choose! • Induction – we offer a choice of hobs up to 5kW, an induction wok and the Induction Multizone – now available in Pro 800 and 900 series – which combines 4 hobs in one, operating either individually or together to replicate the traditional solid top (but without all that wasted heat!). • Charvet induction is high power – 5kW is the standard but we also offer 3kW – and both are designed with a minimum 10-year life available across Charvet 700, 800, 900 and 1000 series ranges. • Multifunctional – Plancha Multizone – use it as one, or in two halves or four quarters. Great for prep in the morning and boiling big pans but with the flexibility for multiple pan work during service. • Chrome Plancha cook more sensitively than steel Plancha or griddles, and they save energy and need less fat or oil for cooking. However, chrome is for direct cooking only; you cannot use pans on a chrome Plancha simply because it does not get hot enough! • Steel Plancha are designed to get much hotter than chrome Plancha and therefore can be used both for pan work and to cook on directly. • SALAMANDER: Every kitchen should have one! Charvet’s choice for energy saving and performance is its Rise and Fall version which boasts 3kW power and can achieve an impressive 400 degC in just nine seconds or a massive 570 degC after 15 minutes use. Energy saving is provided by Plate Detection Systems which turn the main power on; there are also two independent cooking areas so one can be turned off during low volume. Innovations such as the Charvet Pro700 series are especially designed for smaller kitchens. Pro700 has proved outstandingly successful because it offers true heavy-duty quality but with only a 700mm deep footprint. Charvet offers its own unique worktop upgrade; ‘one-piece’ Titanium steel worktops for its ranges. These ensures no seams or cracks for food to gather, and the entire range top surface is easily wiped with a cloth. The steel can be finished smooth or with a ‘vibro’ polish which is hard to photograph but provides a surface that resists scuffs and marks, and which will continue to look good for years longer than a conventional plain polished steel. LONG LIFESPAN Manufactured with the latest production techniques and state of the art stainless steel welding and cutting equipment, you can expect a good 10-15-year lifespan, even on Charvet modular ranges. Some of the bespoke ranges are 25-30 years old. Charvet also has a dedicated technical services team operating throughout the UK, ensuring our installations and all-important commissioning goes smoothly and that the Charvet cooking suites are operating at peak performance.

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Charvet Bespoke

The Gold Label in Professional Cooking Suites

Charvet pasta cooker

A professional pasta cooker that can also poach and steamFeatures:Digital controlsDraining Area6 individual baskets or bulk cookingSteam functionContinuous boilingPerforated trayEasy to disassemble with removable draining area and double bottomWater level senorElectronic thermostatEasy access for cleaningAvailable on the Pro700, Pro800, Pro900, Pro1000, Charvet One, Aero Gam, Extend Concept, Bespoke

Why Charvet modular works for groups

An interview with Chef Owner John Hooker about what he has done to make the Cornish Arms, Tavistock, the great British pub it is.We also look at his Charvet modular cooking suite and how it has made a difference to the pub offering.

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