The 2020 FEA Guide: creating a kitchen for the post Covid-19 world

The guide was published as a supplement in the November 19th edition of The Caterer

With an introduction from FEA's newly appointed chair Steve Hobbs, the supplement includes sections on seven equipment categories including refrigeration; beverage systems; prime cooking; technology; and service and maintenance.

FEA members have helped highlight how equipment can help kitchens operate under Covid-19 restrictions, including labour-saving features to assist a reduced workforce, as well as important sustainability tips.

An essential read, the 32-page supplement provides a perfect directory for purchasing directors, head chefs and all operators planning major purchases for existing kitchens or designing kitchens of the future.

Hobbs commented: "The world has changed. Foodservice operators have different needs, different protocols, different challenges. If we are to survive and prosper, the whole foodservice industry needs to work together."

*We’d like to thank the following FEA members for their expertise and contributions to this guide: Adande, Brita, Foster, Hobart, Hoshizaki, Meiko, Panasonic, Rational, RH Hall, Valentine and Welbilt.

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