Product traceability platform Loopcycle starts tracking their first equipment

Established in 2019, Loopcycle is a product traceability platform that redefines the management, recovery and resale of valuable secondary products, driving integrity within the reuse marketplace.

The platform facilitates visibility and direct interactions between product manufacturers and end users where intermediaries control product distribution. Loopcycle unlocks commercial and sustainable value for its users to foster long-term relationships, cost-effectively manage their assets, extend the product lifecycle and improve circularity within the supply chain.

Their technology embeds lasting product traceability at the point of manufacture or resale by assigning a unique product ID, called “Cyclecode”, which allows users to track product provenance with their smart device.

The shared vision for a world where products are managed responsibly lead Loopcycle to team up with Ecofast Environmental, a food waste solutions manufacturer, and recently they “loopcycled” their first products marking an important moment in both companies’ history.

Having started in the commercial equipment sector Loopcycle aims to expand into other recoverable B2B and B2C goods.

For enquiries please contact:
Ieva Hofmane | Marketing Manager |
LinkedIn @Loopcycle | Twitter @Loopcycle_

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