New Member Spotlight on Aqua Mundus

Kriss Ombler, MD of one of the FEA's newest member companies, Aqua Mundus, gave us a bit of time to talk about joining the FEA. 

Tell us about how your business got started.
I worked for many years in operations for a leading wastewater services business and started Aqua Mundus in 2012 as a business dedicated solely to fats, oils and grease management. Aqua Mundus has always set out to be independent from manufacturers and able to service all types of grease recovery unit, grease trap or dosing system. Over time we have developed strong relationships with manufacturers and are the official service partner for a number of grease equipment manufacturers.
What do you love most about the foodservice equipment industry?
My parents had a pub and I guess it’s fair to say hospitality is in my blood. I love the industry and have always understood the importance of quality and value. I know the need for problems to get fixed quickly, for service visits to not be disruptive and for pricing to be affordable. When it comes to grease management it is important that customers understand the importance of FOGs and their legal responsibility. It is also key that operators understand that managing grease is an ongoing cost such as managing waste. It is great to be able to support operators and protect them from compliance issues.
What is the biggest challenge for your business right now?
We have grown hugely in the last 3 years and now have 18 engineers on the road. The success is great but as the company grows it is really important to us that we keep culture we have always had - and I work hard to make sure we do this.
What are the drawing factors for joining FEA?
It is a really exciting time for the grease industry as the problem of FOGs and fatbergs becomes more well known. Aqua Mundus were founder members of the ‘Grease Contractors Association’ which set out to drive best practice in grease trap installation and management. The GCA ran for 6 years until the end of 2023. As a small trade association the GCA was good for the industry but it did not have the voice and reach of the FEA. We are joining the FEA to make connections in the industry and to continue to drive best practice in grease management.
Anything else you’d like to add?
We are keen to make the most of our membership and would like to engage and meet with as many members as possible. Please do follow us on LinkedIn or reach out to our Sales Director Ed Palin and we can set-up a meeting.

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