Joint FEA, ceda, Cedabond, and ENSE letter to government

We are living in unprecedented times.

All businesses in our sector are facing enormous challenges and now more than ever the requirement for a consolidated, unified voice is imperative.

 It is the correct and responsible approach for FEA, ceda, Cedabond and ENSE to combine knowledge, resource and efforts in best representing and informing our sector.

We will form a cross-sector working group that will speak daily:

  • To ensure that the entire Industry is represented to all relevant bodies (Governmental and other) at this time
  • To disseminate to Members the correct advice, guidance and support on all matters relating to the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak
  • To engage with the operator sector to ensure that we are fully aware of their current situation and where we can offer support

The attached position paper has been sent and will be lobbying the relevant and necessary Government Departments, bodies and agencies in order to best represent you at this time.

 If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas that will enhance our efforts then please do contact the FEA.

Documents to download