IOR Annual Conference: Bookings now open

The IOR Annual Conference will be taking place online on 21 and 22 April 2021 on the theme of “the Journey Towards Net Zero Heating and Cooling – Beyond Refrigeration 2021.”

Boasting a programme packed with case studies, the event will feature presentations demonstrating how the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump sector is responding to the challenge of net zero heating and cooling by minimising the need for cooling, maximising the efficiency of RACHP systems and developing innovative technologies that will change how we heat and cooling buildings and processes.

Delegates will be able to sample keynote papers from experts in the field of environmental policy development and global heating and cooling initiatives, and workshops on leakage reduction and low GWP refrigerant options.

The conference aims to bring together experts with the knowledge, understanding and reach to help the UK address the challenge of achieving net zero heating and cooling but also to publish a set of technical case study papers that will show technical and nontechnical businesses how they can move from current business as usual practices to a more sustainable way of operation, measuring their progress towards net zero. The event will be used as a platform to support UK Government, businesses in a range of sectors, individuals in relevant occupations, to achieve national and international environmental objectives while also developing a road map for non-technical specialist business owners. Many themes will feature during the event including balancing the heating and cooling demand, using energy intelligently, making use of best available technology, reducing the need for mechanical cooling. The full list of themes is available from the IOR web site at