Guide on 'Bait Advertising'

You may have unknowingly found yourself victim of Bait Advertising.

Bait Advertising is where a seller indicates a product is available, often at cost or close to cost price, in order to attract the interest and intent to purchase from a potential customer; but when the order is placed or attempted to be placed the customer is told the product is not in fact available or it is not available within a reasonable time frame. The seller then switch sells to a different product/brand performing a similar function.

There have been instances where bait advertising has been successfully challenged by working with the local Trading Standards office but, due to heavy workloads, it may require persistence.

Manufacturers/suppliers have the right to legally demand their products are withdrawn from the internet or other points of promotion if examples of bait advertising can be substantiated (e.g. via live chat/mystery shop/telephone recordings).

Please see the attached document for member guidance on Bait Advertising.

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