Gas Safety Week Report 2023

Gas Safety Week 2023 marked its 13th year with the theme of Diversity, showcasing the diverse backgrounds and qualifications of gas engineers. The week featured the Gas Safety Guardians 2024 calendar, recognising engineers as safety guardians. Discover more about the week and the significant efforts from supporters highlighting their dedication to gas safety.

The annual awareness campaign has enjoyed support from key industry organisations, stakeholders and customers over the years — and this year was no exception — all uniting with a shared commitment to promote gas safety.

Gas Safety Week 2023 was marked by its theme of diversity. This theme celebrated the rich tapestry within the community of gas engineers, acknowledging their diverse backgrounds, qualifications and the wide array of tasks they undertake to keep the nation safe. It served
as a powerful reminder that the commitment to gas safety knows no boundaries and is upheld by professionals from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and expertise.

“As a campaign, Gas Safety Week is at its best when campaign supporters really get behind the message and share it with their own audiences. We always say we want it to be a choir, not a solo voice.

This year has been a brilliant case in point – we had a theme which supported the incredibly diverse range of work and personal experiences of Gas Safe registered engineers and which gave us wonderful stories and images to share. We had support from Parliamentarians, large companies, small companies, housing associations, trade associations, national papers, local papers, and from people all across the country. Now THAT’S a diverse group.

Thank you to everyone who supported, we will look at all the feedback and continue to build on and improve how we campaign. See you in 2024.”

Scott Darroch, Director of Marketing & Communications,  Gas Safe Register

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