FEA Net Zero Carbon Three Point Plan

FEA fully supports the move to net zero carbon by 2050 and we are active in representing the case as it relates to manufacturers and suppliers of foodservice equipment.

As a result of the financial pressure on operators in hospitality due to the Covid 19 pandemic, this important sector of the UK economy will not have the liquidity to invest in the equipment that will help reduce energy use and carbon emissions. We face the potential for a slowing of progress on energy reduction if swift action is not taken.

It is vital that the momentum of pre-existing EU directives, UK legislation and other carbon- based incentive schemes is not only maintained but developed. This pre-existing legislation includes eco-design and energy labelling measures for refrigeration only. There is a significant gap in covering the remaining 72% of energy use in a commercial kitchen1. We need Government to put the regulation and policy in place to cover all equipment used in commercial kitchens.

The full report is attached.

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