FEA members start to populate the government’s Energy Technology List

FEA members start to populate new categories on Energy Technology List
Parliament considering making ETL listing a prerequisite for public sector procurement

FEA has congratulated Hobart for being the first commercial dishwasher manufacturer to have products listed on the government’s Energy Technology List (ETL).  The ETL opened a new technology category early in 2023 for Professional Foodservice Equipment (PFSE), with new subcategories being added, including commercial dishwashers and combi ovens.  Hobart is the first company to be listed in the commercial dishwasher category, joining fellow FEA members MKN and Rational, who listed their products in the combi oven category last year.

Hobart has two hood type dishwashers on the ETL, with two undercounter models expected to be listed shortly.  The testing procedure is complex and rigorous, and since it’s carried out by an independent third party, buyers can be sure that results are accurate.  “For companies like Hobart, getting listed on the ETL is an investment, both in time and money,” says Andy Threlfall, FEA’s technical and policy director.  “Of course, it’s also a great way for a PFSE manufacturer to prove their energy efficiency credentials.  And it’s brilliant for equipment buyers who are interested in sustainability and energy efficiency, as it gives them the information they need.” 

The commercial dishwasher category not only confirms that the equipment meets the required cleaning standards with efficient use of energy, water and chemicals, but also ensures it meets the strictest of hygiene standards using bacterial testing methods. The hygiene standard created for the category was new and there was a shortage of facilities capable of accommodating this specific testing requirement.  FEA investigated options that would allow manufacturers to access the test and, after various discussions, UL Solutions (also a FEA member) rose to the challenge and provided a cost effective method to carry testing out under laboratory conditions.

“FEA was involved during the various stages of the creation of the EN standards and the ETL requirements,” says Threlfall, “Being involved during the development phase enabled us to keep our members updated and ready to provide in-depth advice relating to the requirements.”

He adds, “We heartily commend these manufacturers who have gained ETL listing.  They are leading the way by achieving recognition and approval for their products, which had to meet strict energy efficiency and performance levels using the new BSEN testing standards.”  

At the recent HRC exhibition Liebherr announced it had been added to the list of manufacturers in the ETL Refrigeration category.  The company joins FEA members True Refrigeration and Electrolux Professional Refrigeration in having their energy efficient equipment listed in the professional refrigeration and display refrigeration categories.

The ETL provides foodservice operators with confidence that products listed on it meet the strictest energy efficiency criteria, helping them choose the one that best suits their efficiency, carbon and sustainability aspirations. The new ETL PFSE categories are the first to give energy efficiency ratings for this type of equipment, and can be referenced easily on schemes covered by BREEAM.     

Threlfall predicts that more equipment manufacturers will invest in the ETL testing, not only because it gives their products third party accreditation but also because Parliament is considering making ETL listing a prerequisite for public sector procurement.  In fact, it is already being asked for when tendering for some NHS contracts. 

“The application to submit products for ETL approval is relatively simple,” says Threlfall.  “While there is no cost to apply and list them, there may be some costs for some product categories which may require third party testing and verification. The team looking after the ETL is very helpful and happy to advise manufacturers in the application process.”

Tom Lock is consulting director at ICF and programme director for the ETL Scheme.  He says, “We're thrilled to welcome Hobart as our latest ETL listed manufacturer, marking our first approved products in the professional dishwasher category. Joining Rational and MKN in our Professional foodservice equipment category, we are keen to encourage more applications from manufacturers.  The ETL is free to use, increases market visibility, and the application process is straight forward. Listed products rank among the top 25% on the market in their class for energy efficiency and independent verification and accreditation builds purchasers’ trust.”

FEA is also offering advice and guidance to members who want to know more about getting on the ETL list.  Visit fea.org.uk for contact information. 

“The ETL gives end users and specifiers the confidence that equipment listed has achieved the highest standards for energy efficiency and performance,” says Threlfall. “Anyone looking for energy efficient products should look at the categories within the UK’s ETL register.” 

The ETL can be accessed via etl.energysecurity.gov.uk/products


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