FEA and SDS launch sales development programme

FEA and SDS launch sales development programmeTraining initiative designed to help meet Covid-19 challenges and beyond.

FEA has teamed up with SDS (Sales Development Solutions) to launch the Sales Management and Development Programme, a training scheme designed specifically for foodservice equipment manufacturers and suppliers.  The course has been developed over the past year to help answer the challenges posed by the new trading environment.  It considers the sales strategies and channels required to maintain business excellence, and is constantly being fine-tuned to meet the latest issues created by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The programme offers a wide range of opportunities, from helping employees take on greater responsibilities and manage different types of sales and reporting structures, to helping key leaders set realistic and measurable goals, give timely and constructive feedback, communicate effectively, facilitate internal and external meetings and manage the performance of their teams. 

“The current climate is forcing change and restructuring, both at operator level and in the equipment specification and supply chain,” says Steve Hobbs, chair of FEA.  “It’s crucial that foodservice equipment companies maximise the value of their most valuable asset - their people, both in direct and indirect sales roles.” 

The course is lead jointly by Phil Martin and Julie Jaina.  Martin has been working in the foodservice industry since 1982 and he says, “The programme is focused around individual, one-to-one training and development and, once started, is designed to adapt to the needs and aspirations of both the individual and the company.”

The programme comprises an initial consultation followed by a preparation period, including personal profiling of the individuals taking part.  The profiling is carried out by Jaina, a specialist in psychology, mentoring and personal development, and an expert life coach.  She will use her skills to fully develop the potential of the individual. 

The course itself takes the shape of monthly one-to-one sessions, over six months, when the individual’s strengths are established, along with areas that need development.  “Throughout the six months, SDS mentors will be offering support to ensure momentum is maintained,” says Martin.  “We anticipate that the personal outcomes from the programme will contribute to individuals’ future appraisals within the company.”  

Hobbs says, “The combination of foodservice equipment knowhow and specialist personal development skills makes this an incredibly relevant programme for our industry at this critical time.  The backing of FEA, and our wealth of expertise, should ensure that this programme delivers real and measurable benefits.  The aim is to create teams that are highly focused, enthusiastic and connected – and who can deliver increased sales.”

To find out more or sign-up please contact a member of the team directly

phil@salesdevelopmentsolutions.co.uk - 07795 341383




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