Exporting is GREAT and Export Advocates

Have you heard about the Exporting is GREAT campaign? Just last year, as a direct result of the campaign:
• Up-to 130,000 businesses took steps towards exporting
• 1 in 5 campaign recognisers that can export but never have (turnover £500k+) developed concrete plans to start exporting

What’s in it for CESA members?
• Become part of Exporting is GREAT, the Government’s most ambitious and high-profile export focused campaign ever
• Be considered for the campaign’s creative and related PR, social media and advertising activity
• Be considered for DIT’s Export Champion initiative which involves deeper engagement with the department
• Join a UK-wide community where companies come to ask questions, get advice on overcoming barriers and find out where to get support
• Get access to a suite of digital assets to use in their communications and marketing

Members can find out more and register using the following link, which is unique to CESA -