CESA Member discount for 'Fighting the Fatberg': the 2019 edition of the British Water FOG Conference.

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  • Start Date: 27.02.2019 - End Date: 27.02.2019
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Date: Wednesday, 27th February 2019

Time: 09:30 - 16:30

Venue:  Stafford Cripps Centre, Cranfield University, College Road, Wharley End, Bedford, MK43 0AL


‘Fatberg: A very large mass of solid waste in a sewerage system, consisting especially of congealed fat and personal hygiene products that have been flushed down toilets'. This definition recently appeared on the online oxford dictionary after the sewers blockages caused by FOG (Fats, Oils & Grease) and non-biodegradable solid matter, went to display at the Museum of London and caught the interest of the media. Since then, the Fatberg has reigned and the topic of FOG has continued to create a high-level of interest (and concern) as our sewers are continuing to be affected by misuse. Sewers are only designed to take away the three p's – pee, poo and paper and when sewers are misused, fatbergs form and can cause blockages that restrict the flow of wastewater in the pipes leading to sanitary sewer overflows, property flooding and contamination of water bodies with sewage.


The fatberg can be fought at different levels, but to win the battle, every stakeholder needs to play their part: administration, researchers, water companies, commercial food-handling facilities and the general public. British Water is taking the lead to eradicate sewer misuse. For change to happen, collaboration and understanding of all aspects of the problem is crucial. This conference will bring together a wide range of industries to do just that. 'Fighting the Fatberg' will discuss two international approaches to FOG management (US and Australia) and the latest strategies from the water companies leading in customer engagement and behavioural change. We will also hear from those who have direct responsibility for controlling FOG, best practices on kitchen management and design and how to move forward to achieve zero uncontrolled discharges from sewers by 2050.


This unique conference will offer:

- High-level of discussion between all stakeholders: water companies, the regulators and the supply chain.

- Relevant case studies and practical examples from all stakeholders

- Learning from international experiences on this topic

- Innovation and best practices to operate maintenance kitchens and sewers


Who should attend?

Water companies and their suppliers, restaurants, property managers/ owners, catering equipment providers, food service kitchen designers, local authorities, environmental consultants, health officers and those interested in FOG and sewers.


All CESA Members can access a discounted rate of £155 + VAT by contacting Katie or Mar at katie.moore@britishwater.co.uk or 0203 567 0950. You will not be able to access this discounted rate via the website.


Further Information: https://www.britishwater.co.uk/events/fog-conference-2019-422.aspx