FEA Top 100 Industry Influencers 2022 list

Congratulations to everyone that made it onto the 2022 FEA Foodservice Top 100 Industry Influencers list. The full list was unveiled as part of the FEA Industry Conference at the Informal Dinner on the evening of Wednesday 9th November 2022.

The 2022 awards saw the introduction of categories. Last year we presented awards to the top-ten finishers, this year the awards went to those individuals who finished top of their respective categories.



Foodservice Top 100 Industry Influencers 2022

  1. Kate Nicholls, CEO UKHospitality
  2. Mark Lewis, Chief Exec Hospitality Action
  3. Paul Anderson, Managing Director at MEIKO UK Ltd. & FEA Chairman
  4. Stuart Roberts, Vice President, National Farmers Union
  5. Lindsay Graham OBE, Deputy Chair at Poverty and Inequality Commission Scotland
  6. Cyrus Todiwala, Chef Patron of Cafe Spice Namaste
  7. Andy Jones, Adviser to the NHS
  8. Mark Davies, Director of Performance and Productivity, ISS Global Food Services
  9. Glenn Roberts C.F.S.P., National Head of Sales, Winterhalter UK
  10. Chris Brazier, Hospitality & Design Champion
  11. Lisa Jenkins C.F.S.P, .Managing editor, The Caterer.
  12. Holly Francis C.F.S.P., Head of Sales & Marketing at YCE Catering Equipment
  13. James Stagg, Editor at The Caterer
  14. Andy Kemp, Group Sales and Marketing Director for BidfoodUK.
  15. Hayden Groves, Chef Consultant
  16. Chris Sheppardson, Founder of EP Magazine, EP Communications, EPIC and Chess
  17. James Golding, Group Chef Director of THE PIG Hotels
  18. Timothy Radcliffe, Net Zero Food Programme Manager NHS ENGLAND
  19. Alexia Robinson, Founder of Love British Food & British Food Fortnight
  20. Simon Stenning, Founder of FutureFoodservice and strategic advisor
  21. Iain Munro C.F.S.P., Hobart UK - Business Development Director
  22. Lugano Kapembwa, Co-Founder & CEO @loopcycle
  23. Kath Dalmeny, CEO of UK Sustain
  24. Eleanor Morris, Special Advisor Hospitality and Food Service at WRAP
  25. Richard Fordham C.F.S.P., Director of Cuisine-Europe and Ki-Tech Solutions
  26. Paul Bayer C.F.S.P., National Sales Manager Falcon Foodservice Equipment
  27. Philip Shelley FIH, Chair of the NHS Food Review; Senior Operational & Policy Manager NHS E&I
  28. Becky Sharpe, Sales and Marketing at Eco-Catering-Equipment
  29. Paul Crumpler C.F.S.P. MIH, Kitchen Ventilation and Odour and Pollution Control system specialist
  30. Adrian Groves C.F.S.P., Area Sales Manager, Falcon Foodservice Equipment
  31. Peter McAllister, Managing Director, Falcon Foodservice Equipment
  32. Tristan O'Hana, Editorial Director, H2OPublishing
  33. Vic Laws MBE, Consultant, AVL Consultancy
  34. Julian Edwards C.F.S.P., FCSI UK&I Chair
  35. Mark Kendall, Managing Director, Gratte Brothers Catering Equipment Ltd
  36. Peter Farrell, Sales Director, C&C Catering Equipment Ltd
  37. Jacquie Blake, Immediate past Chair of LACA UK
  38. Louisa Millington, National Sales Manager, Craven Solutions
  39. Peter Kitchin, Managing Director, C&C Catering Equipment
  40. Alistair Farquhar C.F.S.P., Key Accounts National Sales Manager, Welbilt UK
  41. Stephen Kinkead, Managing Director, Winterhalter UK
  42. Nick Williams, Managing Director, Precision Refrigeration
  43. Phil Rees-Jones, Chairman, The University Caterers Organisation
  44. Georges Gaspar, Director, Halton Foodservice
  45. Vita Whitaker, Foodservice Industry Professional
  46. George Bousfield C.F.S.P, Sales Manager, Oxford Hardware.
  47. Lawrence Hughes C.F.S.P., Sales and Marketing Director, Falcon Foodservice
  48. Malcolm Harling C.F.S.P., Sales and Marketing Director, Williams Refrigeration
  49. Shaune Hall C.F.S.P., Product Development Chef, Falcon Foodservice Equipment
  50. Paul Neville, Managing Director, CHR Foodservice Equipment
  51. Matthew Merritt-Harrison, Catering Consult and Past Chair of FCSI UK & Ireland
  52. Natalie Courbet C.F.S.P., Business Development Manager, Advance Group
  53. Jack Sharkey, Managing Director, Vision Commercial Kitchens
  54. Nic Banner, Vice President Sales UK & Ireland, Specifi
  55. Molly Shaher, PACE (Professional Association of Catering Education) Chair
  56. Mark Cooke MCGC, C.F.S.P. Regional Sales Manager, Jestic Foodservice Solutions
  57. Daniel Hillman Director, H2O Publishing
  58. Gary McGill, Managing Director, McGill Solutions
  59. Brian Lavelle, European Sales & Marketing Manager, Culimat
  60. Richard Clark C.F.S.P., Sales Manager, Ware UK
  61. Stephen Forster, Business Development Director, Chartwells
  62. Mark Harris, Commercial Manager, Catering Insight and Foodservice Equipment Journal
  63. Trevor Burke, Managing Director, Exclusive Ranges
  64. Andy Piggin C.F.S.P., Managing Director, Pro Foodservice Reps Ltd.
  65. Kevin Veitch C.F.S.P., Head of National Accounts, Falcon Foodservice Equipment
  66. Debbie Mash, Director, sMASHing Supplies Ltd.
  67. Kieron Baker C.F.S.P., Northern Sales Manager, FEM
  68. Karl Jones, Director, GS Group.
  69. Toby Magness C.F.S.P., UK Sales Manager, Ambach Ali SpA
  70. Fernando Do Rego, Project Manager, CHR Equipment Ltd.
  71. Martin Ubl, Prokurist & Vice President Sales, MKN Professional Kitchens
  72. Geoff Snelgrove C.F.S.P., Managing Director, Control Induction
  73. Stuart Brereton C.F.S.P., Business Development Manager, MKN UK
  74. Simon Gardiner C.F.S.P., Regional Manager, Hobart UK South
  75. Stephen Ryan, Kitchen Design Manager EMEA, Restaurant Associates
  76. Anthony Fernandes, Machines Manager, Nisbets
  77. John Stewart C.F.S.P., Product Manager, Hobart
  78. Euan Hunter, Business Development Manager, Parry Catering Equipment Ltd.
  79. Simon Parry C.F.S.P., Business Development Manager, RH Hall
  80. Matt Astbury, Business Development Manager UK & Ireland, Electrolux Pro UK
  81. Stephen Dent, Director, Dent Design Hardware
  82. Ian Parsons C.F.S.P., General Manager at Walker Catering Supplies Ltd
  83. Andrew Fordyce, Director, The IFSE Group
  84. Darren Lockley, VP Sales Americas, APMEA and Business Development, Electrolux Professional
  85. Brett Duffy C.F.S.P., Business Development Manager, Winterhalter UK.
  86. Josh Waddell, Group Commercial Manager, Promedia Digital
  87. Duncan Vipas C.F.S.P., Sales Manager, RH Hall
  88. Simeon Massey, Company Director, GS Group
  89. Keith Hartharn, Senior Project Manager, C&C Catering Equipment
  90. Julie Fell C.F.S.P., Marketing Manager, Electrolux Professional
  91. Barry Hill, Marketing Manager, Falcon Foodservice Equipment
  92. Malcolm Morris C.F.S.P., South UK Area Sales Manager, Grande Cuisine
  93. Garry Allitt C.F.S.P., National Sales Manager, Williams Refrigeration
  94. Carl Madin, Regional Sales Manager, Hoshizaki Gram UK
  95. Lyndsey Harker C.F.S.P., Head of Sales, IFEX 2022 & ScotHot 2023
  96. Andy Sprott, Project Manager, C&C Catering Equipment
  97. Terry Siklenka, Facilities Manager, Victoria Golf Club
  98. Josh Tordoff C.F.S.P., Group Supply Chain Manager, Airedale Catering Equipment Group
  99. Pete Callaghan, Business Development Manager, YCE Catering Equipment
  100. Scott Walker, Business Development Manager, CHR Food Service Equipment

How is the list aggregated?

In order to determine where people finish on the FEA Top 100 Foodservice Industry Influencers list we use a number of criteria. The criteria expands beyond that of just social media influence by taking into account their Google footprint, this is what we deem as 'Real World' influence so takes into account where individuals may have been mentioned in digital publications and trade press.

These are the criteria categories that are used:

Following — Total number of people the Player is Following on Twitter.

Followers — Total number of people that are Followers of the Player on Twitter.

@ Mentions — Total number Twitter posts in which the Player gets a Mention using their @ handle (during the sample period).

ReTweets — Total number of ReTweets of posts originally created by the Player.

Tweets — Total number of Tweets of posts originally created by the Player.

Engagement Ratio — a measure of the amount of feedback a Player gets, relative to their output (so it is not all about volume).

Engagement Ration Proportionality score — an adjustment for the volume of activity, relative to their Follower numbers — this helps Players with a smaller audience (such as new entrants) get recognised for strong feedback and serves to offset the dominance of big and established names.

Index — Total score for Twitter activity, based on the algorithm on Rise and taking into account all the above metrics.

Google: 'Foodservice' & 'Hospitality' — Scores for the Google Search element, including both 'Foodservice’ (F) and ‘Hospitality' (H) terms. This criteria also takes into account a Player's LinkedIn engagements. 

Google/100 — Again this is simply the Googlescore (above) divided by 100, to make the element more proportional in the overall scoring.

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