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Winterhalter are a leading designer and manufacturer of efficient and sustainable warewashing systems for the catering and hospitality industry. We are the only catering equipment company to be awarded The Carbon Trust's Carbon Footprinting label for all of its products. Our highly engineered products are available as undercounter, passthrough or rack conveyor machines. We have glass, dish and utensil washers to meet all levels of demand and they can be tailored to meet precise on-site conditions. A complete range of water treatment and chemical products are also available underpinned by a nationwide network of Winterhalter service engineers. We are true glasswashing and dishwashing experts; it’s all we do and we are the only manufacturer that can guarantee perfect wash results because of our Total Solution approach: Machines and chemicals manufactured by us, maintained by technicians employed by us. We can fine tune every element of the wash process to ensure that our customers get perfect wash results every time. Connectivity in our machines also now means that we have the ability to remotely monitor machines to ensure that customers are achieving the best results during every wash. This helps to reduce energy and water consumption, lower operating costs and improve the working life of the machines.

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