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The world expert in hot-holding, Flexeserve is advancing how the industry serves hot food. For over 25 years, we've transformed what hot food-to-go can be. Back then, we were ahead of the game. Now, we're changing it. In 1996, we discovered that convection was the only way to keep hot food at temperature and quality truly. We've 'owned' convection ever since, continuously refining how best to use it, culminating in the world's #1 heated display - Flexeserve Zone. Our game-changing products and all-encompassing service, Flexeserve Solution, deliver true hot-holding. This helps our customers expand product ranges, achieve unrivalled hold times, maintain great food quality and provide an excellent customer experience. With Flexeserve, operators achieve their goals and overcome their challenges. Our unique team of hot food-to-go specialists, with culinary, technical and operational experience, help our customers embrace true hot-holding - smoothly, efficiently and profitably. We innovate constantly. In 2020, we unveiled Flexeserve Hub. The first hot-holding unit was designed specifically for the booming food delivery market, changing how kitchens operate. More and more businesses are enjoying the benefits of Flexeserve, with 12,000 of our units sold in the past three years alone. Each of these delivers incredible efficiencies, profitability and - most of all - food quality.

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